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Our company specializes in the installation of all water heaters. Our qualified Technicians will take away your old water heater and install a new water heater. Boyett’s also provides a solar water heater conversion. We will convert your existing water heater to a solar water heater.

With the tax credits provided by the government the pay back period is about 4 years and you will be helping to reduce our environmental hand print.

All of our water heater installation come with a leak prevention technology. We install a container under the water heater to capture any leaking water. If your water heater does leak this leak prevention technology will prevent damage to your home or business.

Utilizing a water softener in conjunction with a water heater will improve energy efficiency by 25% and increase the useful life of your water heater several years (Water Quality Association, publication on water heater efficiency 1980).

Our friendly and experienced staff strives to give the best service in the valley. We offer free estimates and water tests at your home or place of business.

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When should my water heater be replaced

Water heaters on average last 5 years.  With Soft Water the useful life of the water heater may increase by 25%.  We recommend you replace the water heater before it leaks.  We recommend that the water heater be replaced before the water heater stops producing hot water.  If the water heater does leak (when no one is home ,or you are asleep™) it can cause much water damage.  If the water damage is extreme it can even lead to mold; causing the need for very expensive remediation.

With our leak prevention technology you will never have to worry if the water heater leaks.  We place a tin pan under the water heater.  This pan will catch any water.  We connect a ¾ PVC pipe “ and run this line outside.  With our leak prevention technology – if your hot water heater does leak the water will be diverted away from your home. We will notify you when the water heater is due to be changed (5 years if you do not have soft water “ 6.25 years if you have a water softener).

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We include a leak prevention technology with all of our water heater installations.

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