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Cation Resin Replacement



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This change is causing serious plumbing problems. It adversely affects
ALL water softeners. Resin disintegrates in the new, higher Chlorine levels.
This change will cause lower water pressure; resin will escape into your plumbing.

WARNING! Action is needed on the resin every 5 years.

This will save you thousands of dollars in plumbing expenses.

The good news is you qualify for a FREE INSPECTION! After our free inspection,
talk to our licensed service technician about our service programs tailored specifically
to your budgetfeaturing:

System rebuild    Rental option         .  Replacement option 

The Boyett Family has been providing Water Softeners and REVERSE OSMOSIS
Drinking Water Systems SINCE 1965; we now provide hot-water heaters and
hot-water recirculation pumps.


Case Study #1

Rental customer 46557 told us a story about a man with whom he works.

This man paid $5,000.00 to a plumbing company to clean cation resin from his home.

The cation resin (from the water softener) entered this mans home because the distributor* broke.

As I understand; the plumbing company cut holes in his drywall to rerouting pipes (because they could not evacuate the cation resin from certain pipes).

This $5,000.00 bill also included changing faucets (because the cation resin material destroyed existing faucet fixtures).



Above:  image of the Boyett Family Resin Screen


If this man had a Boyett Family Resin Screen; there would have not been a $5,000.00 expense.


If this man invested in the Boyett Family rental automatic water softener rental program ($75 connection fee; $30/mo plus tax) this occurrence would not have occurred.  We change all of our rental equipment out every 5 years.


However, because of this loss – this man removed the water softener.  He did not have the water softener repaired; he has lost faith in the soft water industry.


The Boyett Family onus is to raise the standard of the water treatment industry by developing inventions and processes that continue to improve our reputation and satisfactions that our customers have.




Distributor: is the plastic pipe ‘inside the water softener’ that prevents the cation resin entering the home or business.  If this distributor cracks or breaks; resin will enter the home.  When this occurs the entire water supply will stop flowing.


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Call for a FREE Resin Inspectio n before it is too late!

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Please use the form to your right to contact us or email us at hayden@azh2o.com.

P.S. Our satisfied commercial customers include : LA Fitness, Mountain Side Fitness, Dr. Ray  Ray Chiropractic, Kokopelli Bakery, Arizona Department of Transportation, Falcon Field Control Tower, Gold Canyon Resort, Avnet, Ford Financial, Brunchies Restaurant in Chandler, Apache Junction Fire Department, Boeing Helicopter Plant, Benson System, MGI Electronics, Banner Health Care, Lavita Massage, McDonalds, Denny’s, Gold Canyon Golf Resort, Meldrum Mortuary, Mesa AZ, Matta’s Mexican Restaurant, Serrano’s Mexican Restaurants, US Food, Nello’s Pizza, Commercial Properties, and many more.


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